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coffin handles, coffin handles, funeral accessories manufacturer

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coffin handless, funeral accesories  Coffin handles
coffin hardware, crucifixes and body of Christ, coffin decoraions  
Crucifixes Body of Christ
Coffin hardware  Screws and washers
coffin decorations  Coffin ornaments
coffin linings, coffin hardware  Coffin linings
coffin name plates, coffin decorations - coffin hardware manufacturer  Name plates

coffin accessories, coffin decorations, funeral accessories  Funeral accessories
urns, funeral accessories, polish manufacturer  Urns and accessories
laths for coffins, funeral accessories  Laths for coffins
laths for coffins, funeral accessories  Laces



Funeral accessories manufacturer

For over 25 years Stepex company is successfully supplying coffin/caskets producers, funeral homes and funeral articles wholesalers.

Long-year experience, and the funeral market latest trends monitoring, enables us to come across the needs of each individual Customer. Therefore we offer You not only interesting design of our products available in wide range of colors, but most of all it`s unchanged high quality level together with good business conditions.

If You expect from a suppelier something more than just a standard offer and You would like to create a unique style of Your coffin - don`t hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to answer Your inquiry.



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